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2013 Munsey Award Winner Garyn G. Roberts

Via File 770 & Pulpfest Garyn G. Roberts has been named the winner of the 2013 Munsey Award. Nominated by the general pulp community, Garyn was selected through a vote by all the living Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Award winners.

Munsey Award Renamed

Thanks to File770 (original story here), we learn that the Munsey Award, presented at Pulpfest (and given to “the most worthy” by Pulpfest peers), has been renamed in honor of Rusty Hevelin, one of the “stalwarts” of Pulpfest. The award will now become the Rusty Hevelin Service Award or, the Rusty.

There is a new award for services to the pulp fiction community. The Munsey Award is announced here and will be presented for the first time this year. It is not the only award for the pulp fiction community. There is also the Lamont Award, which dates back to 1977. Why does the pulp community […]