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2012 Chesley Award Nominees (& Galleries)

ASFA – the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists have announced this year’s nominees, and have provided galleries of sample works. Finalists for Hardback Books (Gallery) These works are under consideration for nomination in the category of Best Cover Illustrations – Hardback Book Art for 2011. Images shown are for the purpose of Chesley nominations […]

Chesley Award Winners

Our first set of Worldcon-related awards are the Chesleys. has a full post, including images of all the winning art. Here are the highlights: Paperback: Jason Chan, for Geist by Phillipa Ballantine (Ace) Hardcover: Michael Whelan, for The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (Tor) Magazine: Nick Greenwood, for Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine […]

Chesley Award Finalists

The finalists for this year’s Chesley Awards have been announced. Here are some highlights: Paperback Volkan Baga, for The Zombies of Oz by Christian Endres; Atlantis, November 2010 Jason Chan, for Geist by Phillipa Ballantine; Ace, November 2010 Jon Foster, for Dreadnought by Cherie Priest; Tor, September 2010 Todd Lockwood, for The Ragged Man by […]

Chesley Awards results

The Chesley Awards have also just been presented at ReConStruction. Cover Illustration, Hardcover: Matthew Stewart, Valley of Shadows Cover Illustration, Paperback: Scott Altmann, The Mysterious Mr. Spines: Flight Cover Illustration, Magazine: John Picacio, Asimov’s, September 2009 Interior Illustration: Gary Lippincott, “On Turtles, On Hares” from Come to the Fairies’ Ball Unpublished Color Work: Raoul Vitale, […]

Chesley Nominees

The nominees for the 2010 Chesley Awards have been announced by The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. The full lists are available on their website. Due to Worldcon being in Australia this year, the Chesley winners will be announced at the NASFiC, Reconstruction, in Raleigh NC over the weekend August 5th-8th. ASFA has […]

Chesleys, Golden Ducks at NASFiC

With Worldcon heading to Australia this year, two of its usual awards ceremonies are staying in North America. ReConStruction, this year’s NASFiC, has announced that it will be hosting both the Chesleys and the Golden Duck Awards.

Chesley Award Nominees

The nominee lists for this year’s Chesley Awards have been released. You can find the full lists on the ASFA web site. The nominees for the prestigious Artistic Achievement award are: Julie Bell Roger Dean Dan Dos Santos James Jean Stephan Martiniere Shaun Tan

The Chesleys Have Landed

There is a list of Chesley Award winners in the news section of the ASFA web site. Here it is: Best Cover Illustration – Hardback Book: Donato Giancola, The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald (Tor) Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book: Donato Giancola, Crystal Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Ace) Best Cover Illustration […]

Chesleys – No Chesleys

The Chesley Awards ceremony is due to start in about half an hour. However, as we understand it, no Chesley awards will be given out. This year the ASFA committee has not been able to get a ballot together in time to allow members to vote, and have the votes counted, in time for Worldcon. […]

Worldcon Coverage

Kevin and Cheryl will both be at Worldcon this week and you can expect a lot of reporting. The Hugo ceremony takes place in a convention center so it is unlikely that we’ll manage to provide live coverage of the Hugo Awards (because the Internet access charges will be ridiculous). Doubtless many people will be […]

Chesley Nominees Announced

Via John Picacio we learn that the nominees for the 2008 Chesley Awards have been announced. The details are here. Please take note of the comments about eligibility not having been verified in all cases.

Deadlines Loom

Today is the last day for nominating in the World Fantasy Awards and Chesley Awards. The deadline for the Hugo Awards final ballot is only a week away. Please don’t forget to vote.

Yet another award deadline is coming up. If you are an ASFA member then you have until June 30th to vote in the Chesley Awards. We have links to a large number of artist web sites here, though it isn’t always easy to tell from them what work is award-eligible. If anyone has put up […]

Chesley Mystery Solved

The mystery of the missing Service to ASFA Award from this year’s Chesleys has been solved. According to Mike Wilmoth (in comments here), several people were nominated for the award, but all of them were members of the ASFA Board and all of them politely declined nomination.

Chesley Awards

The con newsletter has also come through with the results of this year’s Chesley Awards: Best Cover Illustration – Hardback: Stephan Martiniere (for Pyr’s edition of River of Gods by Ian McDonald) Best Cover – Paperback: Daniel Dos Santos (for Ace’s edition of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs) Best Cover – Magazine: Renee LeCompte (for […]

Irene Gallo reports that the submissions period for the next round of Spectrum Awards is opening. You can see the Call for Entries artwork here. On the subject of artwork, we were going to talk about the Chesley Awards here today, but there’s a Worldcon going on and both of us are rushed off our […]