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UPDATE:  A previous version of this announcement was generated by watching the live feed and has been replaced with the official press release from Chicon7.  The original post, along with all of its errors and omissions can be seen below. 1101 valid nominating ballots were received and counted. Best Novel (932 ballots) Among Others by […]

PLEASE NOTE:  If you represent an awards presenting organization or are responsible for publicizing SF/F/H related awards, please make sure to include the (new) SFAwardsWatch email address in your mailings.  Send all press releases for this site to  Thank you. The Libertarian Futurist Society announced the finalists for this year’s Prometheus Awards, which will […]

Chicon 7 Announces Hugo & Campbell Award Nominees Promotional Program; Reports Largest Number of Ballots Cast Ever

Chicon 7 has announced that the presentation of the Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award final ballot list will be released in a series of events at multiple conventions and livestream fir Ustream: Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, Chicago, IL – August 30 to September 3, 2012 […]

Kowal’s Campbell Interviews

Mary Robinette Kowal has been conducting interviews with the folks who hope to take her tiara and become this year’s Campbell Award winner. Here are the links: Aliette de Bodard David Anthony Durham Felix Gilman Tony Pi Gord Sellar A fascinating bunch they are too: a French woman, an African-American man, an Englishman living in […]

Mary Passes the Tiara

Want to know more about this year’s nominees for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer? Well, the current reigning Campbell winner (and proud wearer of the Campbell Tiara), Mary Robinette Kowal, is conducting a series of interviews with her potential successors. The first to be grilled is David Anthony Durham.

The full list of nominees (for both the Hugo Awards and the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer) is available on the official Hugo Awards site, and on Anticipation’s web site. The announcement on the Anticipation web site includes links to some of the nominees, including free downloads of selected nominees.

Yes, people really are writing fiction on Twitter these days (see Thaumatrope, for example). Naturally we have been asked whether such work is eligible for awards. The answer for the Hugo Awards was easy. There might be an upper limit on the number of words for a Short Story, but there is no lower limit. […]

Whatever Recommends

John Scalzi has put up an open Hugo Award (and Campbell) recommendation list on his blog, Whatever.

Campbell Fund Raiser

It seems to be fund-raising season for awards, because Jay Lake has just announced a fund-raiser for the Campbell Award, specifically to pay for the pins.

Here it is in all of its glory. Design by Spring Schoenhuth, photo by Dave Gallaher. Thanks to Jay Lake for sending us the photo and for coming up with the idea in the first place. Update: Photo corrected as per Spring’s comments below.

As regular convention attendees will know, nominees for the Hugo Awards, World Fantasy Awards and Nebula Awards have long been given lapel pins to recognize their nominations. No such pin existed for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Jay Lake, a past winner for the award, has been working with Dell Magazines, […]

Worldcon Coverage

Kevin and Cheryl will both be at Worldcon this week and you can expect a lot of reporting. The Hugo ceremony takes place in a convention center so it is unlikely that we’ll manage to provide live coverage of the Hugo Awards (because the Internet access charges will be ridiculous). Doubtless many people will be […]

The full list of nominees (for both the Hugo Awards and the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer) is available on the official Hugo Award site, and on Denvention 3’s web site where, in accordance with new practices aimed at helping voters make an informed choice, you can see examples of the work […]

Martin on Campbell

George RR Martin has blogged about the importance of the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and has listed some of his top picks. While we are on the subject of the Campbell, those of you filling in your ballots should note that Patrick Rothfuss is not eligible. He might make it into […]

Campbell Recommendations

We were reminded today (thanks Petrea) that we haven’t said anything about recommendations for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. This is because we don’t really need to, on account of their being an official eligibility list. You can find it here. The list doesn’t claim to be exhaustive, but any writer […]