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Whew!  A LOT of catching up to do on the past couple of weeks (absence due to publishing duties on Amazing Stories): Yes, we generally do not do the Emmys here – but Big Bang Theory has several nominations in hand, remains a top-rated prime time show AND has the good grace to present geek […]

This is the third award presented annual at ReaderCon (along with the Shirley Jackson and Rhysling awards). It highlights a writer whose work the jury believes has been unjustly ignored. This year the award went to a living writer for the first time: Katherine MacLean.

Cordwainer Smith Award

Scott Edelman tweets from Readercon that this year’s Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award has been won by Mark Clifton. Clifton is best known for the Hugo-winning novel, They’d Rather Be Right, which he co-authored with Frank Riley. A bibliography is available here.

Cordwainer Smith Winner

Also reported from Readercon, via multiple sources, is that the winner of the 2009 Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award is Abraham Merrit (most famous for The Moon Pool).

Cordwainer Smith Award Winner

It has been a busy weekend at ReaderCon. The Cordwainer Smith Rediscover Award was also announced, with the winner being Stanley G. Weinbaum. SF Scope has more details.