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2013 Seiun Award Winners

via File 770 The winners of the 2013 Seiun (Nebula) Awards were announced at the 52nd Japanese national SF convention on July 20. The Best Japanese Long Story The Empire of Corpses Priject Itoh X Enjoe Toh Kawade Shobo Shinsha The Best Japanese Short Story Ima Shuugouteki Muishikio Chohei Kanbayashi Hayakawa Publishing Corporation The Best Translated Long […]

Seiun winners announced

The Seiun Award winners have been announced at Varicon 2012, with official translations of (nearly all) Japanese titles for once: Best Japanese Novel: Tengoku and Zigoku, Yasumi Kobayashi Best Japanese Short Story: “The Singing Submarine and Peer-Peer Douga”, Hosuke Nojiri Best Foreign Novel: The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi, translated by Kazue Tanaka and Hiroshi Kaneko […]

Here are the nominees for the Seiun Award, voted by members of Japan’s national sf convention, transliterated and translated where possible. The winners will be announced at Varicon 2012, July 7-8. Japanese Novel Tengoku to Chikoku Yakusoku no Hakobune (Ark of Promises) Kanzennaru Binagaryuu no Hi Hikari o Wasureta Sei de (Star of Forgotten Light) […]

Seiun winners

Winners of this year’s Seiun Awards, Japan’s equivalent to the Hugos, were announced at Donbura Con L this past weekend. Japanese – long form: Kyonen wa Ii Toshi ni Narudarou (Last Year Was Probably a Good Year) Japanese – short form:“Arisuma-oo no Aishita Mamono” (“King Arisuma’s Beloved Demon”) Foreign – long form: Eifelheim, Michael Flynn […]

Seiun nominees

Nominees for the Seiun Awards, presented by the Japanese national sf convention, have been announced. Here they are with translations where we can manage them: Japanese – long form Karyuu no Kyuu (Palace of Flower Dragons) Kyoren wa Ii Nen ni Narudarou (Last Year Was Probably a Good Year) Doronko Rondo Fudou Karin wa Issai […]

Seiun Winners

Via a very happy John Scalzi (and Kate Baker guest blogging while he’s on vacation) we learn that this year’s Seiun Awards have been announced. The official website is in Japanese, which we can’t read, but someone has posted the winners to Wikipedia. Unofficially, this is what we think we winners list is: Best Novel: […]

This year’s Seiun Award nominations have been announced. For those who don’t read Japanese, here are the nominees in the short foreign fiction category: “Dark Integers”, Greg Egan “The Fluted Girl”, Paolo Bacigalupi “Beggars in Spain”, Nancy Kress “A Crab Must Try”, Barrington J. Bayley “Unsound Variation”, George R. R. Martin “Tryst in Time”, C. […]

The winners of the 2009 Seiun Awards have been announced at T-Con 2009 in Japan. They are as follows: Japanese Novel: <harmony/>, Project Itoh (Hayakawa Publishing) Japanese Story: “Peer Peer Douga at the South Pole”, Housuke Nojiri (Hayakawa’s SF Magazine Apr, May 2008) Foreign Novel: Spin, Robert Charles Wilson, translated by Mogi Takeshi (Tokyo Sogensha) […]

Seiuns – Almost There

Petréa Mitchell has made a valiant attempt to translate the rest of the Seiun Award ballot for us. You can find her work in comments here. Interesting to see Dark Knight up for a Seiun.

If we had been thinking clearly and not distracted by other things over the weekend we might have remember to go and check cataly’s LiveJournal (and thanks to F.Dreier for reminding us). Here are the Japanese fiction nominees in this year’s Seiun Awards. The notes are all cataly’s. Novels From The New World, Yusuke Kishi […]

More Seiun News

Further to yesterday’s news, the full list of Seiun Award nominees is apparently available in Japanese here. The nominees for foreign language short fiction are as follows: “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate”, Ted Chiang “The Cambist and Lord Iron : A Fairy Tale of Economics”, Daniel Abraham “A Billion Eves”, Robert Reed “All Seated […]

Seiun Nominees

John Scalzi, whose Google-Fu is truly awesome, has found us the nominees for this year’s Seiun Award for Best Foreign Novel. They are as follows: Spin, Robert Charles Wilson The Ghost Brigades, John Scalzi Redemption Ark, Alastair Reynolds Light, M. John Harrison The Urth of the New Sun, Gene Wolfe Sun of Suns, Karl Schroeder […]

Seiun Winners

The winners of the 2008 Seiun Awards were announced at DAICON 7, the 47th Nippon SF convention, earlier today. Thanks to Takeo Hosoi, we have the list of winners: Japanese Novel: Toshokan Sensou (Series: Library Wars) by Hiro Arikawa (Ascii MediaWorks) Japanese Story: “Chinmoku no Furaibai” (“Silent Fly-by”) by Housuke Nojiri (Chinmoku no Furaibai (Hayakawa […]

Seiun Nominees

Huge thanks to Takeo Hosoi for sending us this year’s nominee lists for the Seiun Awards. The email adds that that winners will be announced at Daicon 7, the 47th Japanese Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Kishiwada, Osaka, August 23-24, 2008. That suggests that the Seiun winners will not be known at Worldcon. […]

The Nippon 2007 newsletter are now all available online. From those we gleaned the following: Golden Duck Awards Picture Book: Scott Nickel and Steve Harpster(Illustrator) for Night of the Homework Zombies (Stone Arch Books) Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades: Mark Jansen and Barbara Day Zinicola for Apers (Dailey Swan Publishing) Hal Clement Award for […]

Seiun Awards Announced

Our apologies for not getting these on line quite as quickly as we did the Hugo Awards; unfortunately, Our Man in Yokohama had a critically conflicting appointment with the Seiun Awards Ceremony. Here are the results from the convention newsletter: Japanese Long Fiction: Japan Sinks, Part 2 — Sakyo Komatsu and Koshu Tani (Shogakukan) Japanese […]

The Seiuns

As we mentioned yesterday, with Worldcon being in Japan, the Seiuns get their own award ceremony entirely separate from the Hugos. However, somewhat to our surprise, we could not find the 2007 Seiun nominees anywhere online except on the official Japanese SF Fan Group web site, which is in Japanese. A certain amount of scrambling […]

Most of the attention on Saturday is going to be on the Hugo Award results but, as Worldcon regulars know, the Hugo ceremony is home to a number of other awards: The First Fandom Hall of Fame Award acknowledges the life-long enthusiasm of one of the self-styles dinosaurs of fandom; The Big Heart Award is […]