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Corrrections & Updates to 2012 ESFS Awards

The folks at Concatenation sent along a notice that the Zagreb website (host of the 2012 Eurocon) has posted the correct awards list for 2012: The European Scientific Fiction Society (ESFS) is committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide. Every year the ESFS grants awards for the outstanding contribution to the […]

ESFS Awards 2012/Eurocon

I. Hall of Fame: Best Author: Ian McDonald (UK) Best Publisher: Ailleurs et Demain (France) Best Artist: Nela Dunato (Croatia) Best Promoter of Science Fiction: the SF Encyclopedia Online team (UK) Best Magazine: Galaxies (France) Best Translator: Pavel Weigel (Czech Republic) Best Website: Concatenation (UK) Grand Master: Brian Aldiss (UK) Honorary Award: Jean Giraud / […]

ESFS Awards Winners

The winners of the 2011 ESFS Awards, announced at the Eurocon in Stockholm at the weekend, are as follows: European Grand Master: Sam Lundwall (Sweden) Best Author: Alastair Reynolds (United Kingdom) Best Artist: David Hardy (United Kingdom) Best Translator: Attila Németh (Hungary) Best Magazine (tie): Ubiq (Croatia) & (Russian Federation) Best Publisher: Lenizdat (Russian […]

ESFS Awards

The European Science Fiction Society presented their annual awards at the Eurocon last weekend. Here are the results. Thanks to David Haddock for sending them though. There’s nothing on the ESFS website yet so technically these are unofficial. Our email has eaten some of the accented characters so there will be a few mis-spelled names […]

ESFS Awards

The European Science Fiction Society has released the nominees for their annual awards. World SF News has the highlights and there are further lists here (scroll to the bottom). The winners will be announced at the 2010 EuroCon, Tricon, in Cieszyn / Ceský Tešín at the end of August. (Apologies to Czech friends for the […]

News from Eurocon

We got this information second hand, so we hope it is OK. At the very least there may be spelling corrections to some of the names. Hall of Fame Awards Author – Robert Quaglia (Italy) Promoter- Boris Sidyuk (Ukraine) Translator – Flora Stagliano (Italy) Magazine – Nova SF (Sweden) Publisher – Metropolis Media (Hungary) Artist […]

ESFS Clarification

We had an inquiry regarding the ESFS Nominee lists that we published last month. The issue was the Christ Priest received a nomination for the Best Author prize when he had already won it in a previous year. The explanation we received from ESFS was that Priest’s win was at a time before the ESFS […]

ESFS Follow-Up

Bridget Wilkinson has kindly sent us the full list of nominees for this year’s member-voted ESFS Awards. If these seem a little thin on the ground, note that the final ballot takes place in person at the Eurocon, which this year was in Moscow. Also these are Hall of Fame style awards, so many of […]

ESFS Awards

The Eurocon took place last weekend in Moscow. Bridget Wilkinson has kindly provided a list of ESFS Award winners: Hall of Fame Best Author: Alexander Gromov (Russia) Best Artist: Roman Papsuev (Russia) Best Publisher: INFODAR (Bulgaria) Best Promoter: Russell T Davies (United Kingdom) Best Magazine: FANtastika (Russia) Best Translator: Michael Kandel, Lyubomir Niklov (Bulgaria) Spirit […]

ESFS Awards: Part III

OK, here are the winners (with apologies where the software has lost some accented characters). Encouragement Awards These are for newcomers to the field and are nominated by individual country delegations: Anna Kantoch (Poland) Dmitriy Gluhovsky (Russia) Heidun Jänchen (Germany) Petar Kopanov (Bulgaria) F. Tóth Benedek (Hungary) Mikhail Nazarenko (Ukraine) Lucie Lukacovicova (Czech Republic) Lene […]

Other Eurocon Blogging

Tero Ykspetäjä has been blogging reports from Eurocon. There are several posts thus far, including some comment on the awards, here.

ESFS Awards: Part II

The Award ceremony took place this evening. There were several different awards presented, but I have no official documentation as yet and I’m not going to try to transcribe what was announced, especially after having spent some time at the Russian Vodka Party. Hopefully I’ll have official spellings for all of the award winners tomorrow. […]

ESFS Awards: Part I

Those of you who think that the Hugos are complicated: listen up. You see, in the Hugos you can get away with five nominees in each category. Not so in ESFS. This is Europe, and ever member country has to be treated fairly. At the ESFS General Meeting, each country sends a delegation, and each […]

Live from Copenhagen

I’m not sure yet whether it will be possible to report live from the Eurocon’s award ceremony, but I certainly have connectivity from where I am staying.

Things may go a little quiet for a few days, especially over the weekend. Kevin is on his way home from Japan, and Cheryl is off to Copenhagen for the Eurocon. However, interesting things will be happening over the weekend. Eurocon has its own, rather unique awards (see here for details). We may report on […]