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Big Heart Award Updated

The Big Heart Award page has been updated with the 2016 recipients (Edie Stern and Joe Siclari) and with updated information about the Award’s new Administrator, Steve Francis, who has taken over the task with the recent passing of Dave Kyle, the previous Administrator.

Big Heart Award, 2011

The winner of this year’s Big Heart Award, as announced by Dave Kyle at last night’s Hugo Award ceremony, is Gay Haldeman.

Missed One

A lot of awards are likely to be presented this year at Worldcon, but it appears we missed one last year. The 2010 Big Heart Award went to Australian fan, Merv Binns. Our apologies to Merv and the Big Heart folks for missing that.

2009 Big Heart, First Fandom Awards

In our haste to post the 2009 Hugo Award results, we appear to have inadvertently omitted the other awards presented at the Hugo Award ceremony at Anticipation, an omission we’re happy to rectify now. The Forest J. Ackerman Big Heart Award: Andrew I. Porter The First Fandom Hall of Fame Award: James Gunn

In all the excitement of the live-blogging of the Hugos and Campbell we entirely forgot to list the winners of the other awards given out at the ceremony. For those of you who were not there and didn’t follow the live blog, here’s what was given out. Big Heart Award – Suford Lewis First Fandom […]

Of Big Hearts

Slightly late for Valentine’s Day, we have an article about hearts. This, however, is not about romance, it is about love of a different kind. John Hertz has kindly allowed us to publish an article about the Big Heart Award that he wrote for one of Nippon 2007’s Progress Reports. You can find the article […]

Big Heart Winners

Many thanks to the Nippon 2007 committee for coming through with the information. The winners of this year’s Big Heart Award are: Robin Johnson and Atsushi Morioka.

Worldcon Fan Awards

Here’s an update on the fannish awards normally presented at Wordcon. The First Fandom Award was presented at the NASFiC and went to Algis Budrys. (Thanks to MikeK and Locus for the info). As noted earlier, one of the Big Heart Award winners was Robin Johnson. We still don’t have the name of the Japanese […]

Big Heart Award

We’ve been trying to track down the winners of the Big Heart Award in Yokohama. We’ve now confirmed that one winner was Australian fan, Robin Johnson, but we understand that there was a Japanese winner as well. If anyone can supply us with the name of this person we would be very grateful. And for […]

Most of the attention on Saturday is going to be on the Hugo Award results but, as Worldcon regulars know, the Hugo ceremony is home to a number of other awards: The First Fandom Hall of Fame Award acknowledges the life-long enthusiasm of one of the self-styles dinosaurs of fandom; The Big Heart Award is […]