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2012 Hugo Award Winners

The Hugo Awards presentation for 2012 is taking place tonight, September 2nd, at 8 pm CDT. (You can watch HERE , follow via text live HERE) I’ll be listening and watching via the web and will be updating the information below as the awards are announced. (Winners will be published adjacent to their category title eg […]

Worldcon: Hugo Awards Ceremony & Business Meeting

A friendly reminder to consult the previous post for times and links of live coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony (2012) taking place later today and links to the WSFS (World Science Fiction Society) preliminary business meeting: PART 1 PART 2    

Hugo Voter Packet Expands

John Scalzi has announced that additional material has been added to the Hugo Voter Packets. Even if you’ve already downloaded a packet, you can go back to the Anticipation web site Hugo Awards page and download a new packet. As before, this offer is only open to attending and supporting members of Anticipation; however, you […]

Hugo Awards Voting Opens

Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, has released the ballot for the 2009 Hugo Awards. Members of Anticipation can vote online at the convention web site. The deadline for voting is midnight (2359hrs.) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) July 3, 2009. Besides the online ballot, a paper ballot is included in the convention’s latest progress […]

Eurocon Accidental Language Joke Award

As you can imagine, with so many different languages represented here (con chair Olav tells me that there are delegates from 25 different countries), there is a lot of potential confusion resulting from differences in pronunciation. So I decided to institute an impromptu award, largely because I had a good candidate to receive it. So, […]

Worldcon Bid Watch

For those of you wondering where Worldcon might be in 2010, you can find the web site of the Melbourne bid here. Thus far no one has mounted a serious challenge to the Australians, but we are expecting a whole bunch of amusing ones (nostalgic thoughts of the Alacatraz in ’99 here – “fabulous sea […]

On WSFS Democracy

There is some interesting discussion going on at the thread on Hugo Voting Memberships. If you are thinking of voting the poll, we suggest you read that first. There is, however, one thing we have noticed about these polls. We got a lot of people saying that they wanted onsite voting, but no one was […]

Le Prix Hugo

So, what can we expect from the Hugo ceremony in 2009 when the show gets handed over to a bunch of French-speaking Canadians in Montreal? Perhaps Fractale Framboise can provide a clue. Ladies and Gentlemen, we direct your attention to Le Concours Canin: the Best Novel Hugo seen as a dog show. It is, of […]

Hugo Voting Membership

As announced yesterday, we have closed the poll on onsite voting and opened a new one. This asks you what you think is a reasonable cost for the right to vote in the Hugo Awards. We’ve included $0 as an option for those of you who think it should be free, and a notional $100 […]

Big Heart Winners

Many thanks to the Nippon 2007 committee for coming through with the information. The winners of this year’s Big Heart Award are: Robin Johnson and Atsushi Morioka.

Worldcon Fan Awards

Here’s an update on the fannish awards normally presented at Wordcon. The First Fandom Award was presented at the NASFiC and went to Algis Budrys. (Thanks to MikeK and Locus for the info). As noted earlier, one of the Big Heart Award winners was Robin Johnson. We still don’t have the name of the Japanese […]

Auroras Sighted

The nominees for this year’s Prix Aurora Awards, Canada’s national fan-based awards, are now available. SFScope has the scoop, and the official site is here. More on the Auroras later, but for now we note that they will be of especial interest in the run-up to the Montreal Worldcon. In particular the Auroras have separate […]

Worldcon GoH Data

Beamjockey has some interesting data on Worldcon Guest of Honor ages and length of activity. We recommend you scroll down through the comments to del_c’s graph which is very well done.

Continued Hugo Linkage

Jeff Vandermeer has a post about the Hugos up on Amazon. Nice to see the awards getting publicity like that. (If you all go there and vote the piece interesting Amazon might take even more notice of the Hugos.) Raph Koster notes that Naomi Novik wrote for roleplaying games before she hit the big time […]

We are getting some interesting comments in on how to improve participation in the Hugos at this post. These include: A prize draw for voters Lower cost (or free) voting On-site voting These are all things that would probably increase participation, but it is perhaps worthwhile to sit back for a moment and think about […]

Some Worldcon/Hugo Reportage

Lou Anders has a long Worldcon review up, including material on the Chesleys and Hugos. Jay Lake has a lot of Hugo-related photos here, here and here (warning, final link has Jay doing unspeakable things with Ultraman). There are more general Worldcon and Japan photos elsewhere on Jay’s LiveJournal, which is pretty impressive considering he […]

Almost As Good As Winning

Jeff Vandermeer has a few Worldcon reports up, including Jay Lake and Ellen Kushner on what it is like to present a Hugo.

Hugo Podcast

Patrick Nielsen Hayden talks about his Hugo win in a Tor Podcast.

Thank You, Mr. Moffat

John Picacio (who together with Lou Anders did one of those rapid in-and-out Japan trips) has a lengthy Worldcon report up on his blog. Reading it reminded us of something we ought to have mentioned earlier. A number of people have been disappointed at the small number of Hugo winners who were able to accept […]

Encouraging Voters

A few of the “usual suspects”, including one of us, have left comments on the blog of the disgusted Jim Baen fan whose post we linked to yesterday. There has been no response yet, but several of the comments are in a similar vein: while Worldcon regulars might deplore the idea of buying votes to […]

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