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International Awards – Kurd Lasswitz, Deutschland SF Preis (GR), Julius Vogel (NZ), Aelita, Bronze Snail, Interpresscon, Roscon (RU), Portal (Ukraine)

Via Concatenation’s Autumnal report we learn that: Germany’s Kurd Lasswitz Award was presented at the Urlaubs-Con Und Meer (2012) in July and the principal winners were: Best Novel: Herr aller Dinge [Master of all Things] by Andreas Eschbach Best Foreign Work: Biokrieg [Biokrieg] by Paolo Bacigalupi Best Translation: Jasper Nicolaisen and Jakob Schmidt, for the […]

Eagle Awards

These fan-voted awards in the comics industry were given out at MCM Expo in London last weekend. Forbidden Planet International has the full list of winners. Of most interest to us is that Paul Cornell won in the “Favourite Newcomer Writer” category. We don’t understand that either.

Eagle Awards

The UK’s premier fan-voted comics awards were presented on Friday night. Geek Syndicate has the full results.

More on the Eagles

Joe Gordon has extended information on the Eagle Awards Initiative, a competition for new comics creators that is to be run in conjunction with the annual Eagle Awards. It sounds like an excellent project. Elsewhere Paul Cornell has been heartened by the new direction that the Eagles have taken.

Eagle Award Nominees

The nominees for this year’s Eagle Awards were announced at the Bristol International Comic Expo over the weekend. The full list of nominees is available online here. If you clicked through you will have noticed that was also a voting form. The Eagles are fan-voted awards open to anyone. There is no voting fee or […]

Eagle Nominations Open

On the subject of comics awards, nominations are now open for the Eagle Awards. You can vote. Here’s hoping they get around to giving them out this year.

Eagle Award Nominations Open

Should you wish to nominate for this year’s Eagle Awards you can do so now, via their online nomination form.

The Eagles Have Landed

Got there at last. The full results of this year’s Eagle Awards can be found here. Update: And here is Joe with his take on the winners.

Eagles News

The efficient Mr. Gordon has managed to find some information.

Missing in Flight?

Has anyone seen a bunch of Eagle Awards flitting around the place looking for somewhere to land? Update: Mr. Gordon says that a list of winners will be available soon. This is good news, but we can’t help but think that if this had been the Hugos, the Clarke, or event the BSFA Awards, someone […]

Eagles in Progress?

The Eagle Awards should be taking place in Bristol about now. Sadly Cheryl was unable to attend due to work commitments, but we hope to bring you results tomorrow or Monday.

As part of our run-up to the Harvey Awards announcement, our resident comics expert, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, has written an introduction to awards in the comics industry.