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The Chesleys Have Landed

There is a list of Chesley Award winners in the news section of the ASFA web site. Here it is:

  • Best Cover Illustration – Hardback Book: Donato Giancola, The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald (Tor)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book: Donato Giancola, Crystal Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Ace)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Magazine: Cory and Catska Ench, Fantasy & Science Fiction, 3/07
  • Best Interior Illustration: James Gurney, Dinotopia : Journey to Chandara (Andrews McMeel)
  • Best Gaming Related Illustration: Donato Giancola, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (Sigil Games Online)
  • Best Product Illustration: Todd Lockwood, “War of Angels”, poster for Bullseye Tattoo
  • Best Monochrome – Unpublished: Donato Giancola, “Season of Change”, Pencil and Chalk on Toned paper
  • Best Color Work – Unpublished: Donato Giancola, “Red Sonja”, Oil
  • Best Three Dimensional Art: Vincent Villafranca, “Conscious Entity and Its Maker”, Bronze
  • Best Art Director: Irene Gallo, Tor Books
  • Award for Artistic Achievement: Michael Wm. Kaluta

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