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Last Drink Bird Head Awards

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer have announced the inaugural (and hopefully continuing) Last Drink Bird Head Awards, which are intended to reward people for service to the speculative fiction community. Jeff says:

Some of our categories may be playful, but we are truly serious in our respect for all of the nominees.

Full details are available on Jeff’s blog, but here are the nominees.

Gentle Advocacy

In recognition of individuals willing to enter into blunt discourse about controversial issues…

  • K. Tempest Bradford
  • Nick Mamatas
  • John Scalzi

Tireless Energy

In recognition of individuals who selflessly give of themselves for worthy organizations or causes…

Promotion of Reading

In recognition of individuals whose efforts contribute to the promotion of reading or an increase in reading proficiency…

  • Colleen Cahill (for her work at the Library of Congress as an advocate for genre fiction and as the library’s representative to the ALA)
  • James Gunn (for his work with AboutSF)
  • Susan Straub (for her work as the creator and director of the Read to Me program, the goal of which is, in part, to “stimulate the imagination”)

Expanding Our Vocabulary

In recognition of writers whose fiction or nonfiction exposes readers to new words and, often, new ideas…

  • John Clute
  • Hal Duncan
  • Catherynne M. Valente

International Activism

In recognition of those who work to bring writers from other literary traditions and countries to the attention of readers in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia…

There will also be a Special Achievement Award which is “geared toward recognizing individuals who are proactive behind the scenes but whose efforts often don’t receive public recognition.” There is no short list for this award. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony.

Talking of which, the awards will be presented at the launch party for the Last Drink Bird Head charity anthology (benefits to ProLiteracy) at World Fantasy Con (where Jeff and Ann are amongst the Guests of Honor). The party is open to convention members only, but SFAW will be there and will report live as the winners are announced.

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