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Gone to the Movies

New on the site today (thank you, Saul) are the Saturn Awards. These are a SF/F/H-specific version of those other Hollywood awards. Those of you who constantly complain that the Hugos have too many categories, making the ceremony too long, might look at the category listing for the Saturns and wonder how long their ceremony is.

Of course one might wonder whether the Saturns are a good guide to this year’s Dramatic Presentation: Long Form Hugo. In the Saturns, Children of Men beat out The Prestige and V for Vendetta in the science fiction category. Pan’s Labyrinth won the international film category. A Scanner Darkly was in the animated film category, but lost out to Cars. Hmm.

Oh, and can anyone explain to us how come X-Men: The Last Stand is science fiction but Superman Returns is fantasy?

One Response to “Gone to the Movies”

  1. on 25 Aug 2007 at 1:47 pmSMD

    Hmm. Well X-men is obviously SF because it involves genetic mutation, and futuristic robots (which should have been shown more in part 3 but were strangely ignored).
    I can see how they would call Superman fantasy. It’s more urban fantasy than regular fantasy though. If you didn’t know that he was from another planet you could assume he was just some guy with super powers in a regular every day world. But really, Superman is more Sci-fantasy, since there is that SF element there.