Science Fiction Awards Watch

Sky Awards Finalists

Our next stop today is China, where the finalists for the Sky Awards have been announced. They are as follows:

Best Fiction: Long Form in 2010

  • Subway, HAN Song (Shanghai People’s Publishing House)
  • Ninlands: Revival, TANG Que (Volumes Publishing Company)
  • Three Body III: Dead End, LIU Cixin (Chongqing Publishing House)
  • Future Empire, JIN Hezai (Volumes Publishing Company)
  • The Calamin Graveyard, CHI Hui (Sichuan Science & Technology Publishing House)

Best Fiction: Short Form in 2010

  • “The City of Amber”, LI Duan (Fly – Fantasy World, Oct 2010)
  • “The Crow in a Cage”, YA Xiaonuan (Science Fiction World, Jun 2010)
  • “Curse of Taiyuan”, LIU Cixin (Odyssey of China Fantasy, Feb 2010)
  • “Algorithm of Simhuman”, CHI Hui (Science Fiction World, May 2010)
  • “My Son, Zhu Kuida”, ZHU Jiayin (Popular Software, Jul-Sep 2010)

Most Popular Translated Fiction: Long Form in 2010

  • The Lions of Al-Rassan, Guy Gavriel Kay, trans. by MA Xiao (Sichuan Science & Technology Publishing House)
  • “Discworld: Guards! Guards!”, Terry Pratchett, trans. by HU Shu (Science Fiction World Translation, Oct 2010)
  • The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman, trans. by HU Yaqian (Sichuan Science & Technology Publishing House)
  • Tuf Voyaging, George R R Martin, trans. by ZHU Jiawen (Sichuan Science & Technology Publishing House)
  • “Tau Zero”, Poul Anderson, trans. by LIANG Yuhan (Science Fiction World Translation, Mar 2010)

Most Popular Translated Fiction: Short Form in 2010

  • “Fox Magic”, Kij Johnson, trans. by WEN Chunguo (Science Fiction World Translation, Aug 2010)
  • “The Fog Horn”, Ray Bradbury, trans. by Ent (Science Fiction World Translation, Mar 2010)
  • “Art craft of Beasts”, Kobayashi Yasumi, trans. by LIANG Tieli (Science Fiction World Translation, Jul 2010)
  • “Turing’s Apples”, Stephen Baxter, trans. by CAI Yu (Science Fiction World, May 2010)
  • “Truth”, Robert Reed, trans. by SUN Kaiyuan (Science Fiction World Translation, Nov 2010)

Special Contribution Award

  • DONG Renwei — founder of World Chinese Science Fiction Association
  • LIU Cixin — science fiction writer, author of Three Body trio
  • JI Shaoting — reporter, science fiction advocate
  • New Realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction — science fiction fanzine
  • — professional science fiction webzine and publisher
  • Tales of Tarsylia — fantasy graphic novel, written by cartoonist WU Miao

The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held in Shanghai in August. Our thanks again to Feng Zhang for the information.