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Lifetime Hugo Suggestion

A very interesting suggestion has been made in the Lifetime Achievement Hugo debate. Lots of people have been concerned that for something like Lifetime Achievement you don’t want to have losers. Well, how do other people do it? The Oscars have a special committee that gets to pick their lifetime achievement awards. You can just imagine the fuss that would erupt if there actually was a small cabal of fans who had the right to give out Hugos to whoever they wanted. But the Baseball Hall of Fame apparently does it with a popular vote (well amongst the baseball writers’ association, but the Hugos are a popular vote amongst WSFS members). The way it works is that each member gets to nominate a bunch of people each year, and anyone who gets the support of 75% of the voters gets in.

This is a very interesting idea. It keeps the popular vote element, while downgrading the element of competition. There can actually be several winners in one year. That will be useful when we start off, though there might have to be some limit on the number initially to avoid having too much expense for one or two Worldcons.

We probably couldn’t call this a Hall of Fame, because there is already a Science Fiction Hall of Fame, but it is a useful contribution to the debate.

One Response to “Lifetime Hugo Suggestion”

  1. on 17 Dec 2007 at 7:09 amJohn Picacio

    Hi, folks —

    I think you hit it on the head at the end of your post. The home of the Science Fiction “Life Achievement Awards” is the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. If the Hugos did one as well, it would be more than a bit redundant.