Science Fiction Awards Watch

Victoria Blake of Underland Press sent out a notice today, sharing the press’ (and no doubt the author’s) giddy pride:

From Underland –

Our stellar new novel from Matthew Hughes was just nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award.

This is HUGE!

To date, we’ve been nominated for the Nebula, the Hugo, the Shirley Jackson, the ALA, and the Foreword book of the year. Adding PKD to the mix just tickles us so… I mean, PKD was the progenitor, the alpha, the reason we’re all here. We’re feeling the love.

Don’t know Matthew Hughes? He’s been called the heir apparent to Jack Vance. George R.R. Martin said that his books are, “a tremendous amount of fun.”

The Other brings us Luff Imbry , an insidiously clever confidence man who likes good wine and good stolen goods. He always maintains the upper hand. When business rivals get the drop on him, he finds himself abandoned on an isolated world, where every stranger is an enemy. Imbry has to rely on his infamous criminal wit to survive Fulda’s crusade to extinguish the Other.

Read it, read it! And tell your friends!

Victoria Blak

Proud Publisher

Underland Press


She also included a link to an interview with the author here, as well as a link to some of the author’s work here.

The Philip K. Dick Awards are presented annually at the Philcon convention, and are awarded for works originally published in paperback.