Science Fiction Awards Watch

The Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) commends the winners of the 2012 SFRA Awards! These awards recognize members of the SF community who exhibit outstanding scholarship, pioneering viewpoints in SF discourse, and lifetime contributions to SF research. Ritch Calvin, SFRA president, said of this year’s awardees, “We have a very fine slate of recipients this year; each one deserving of the recognition.”

The 2012 SFRA award recipients are:

*Pilgrim Award (for life time contributions to SF/F studies) – Pamela Sargent

*Pioneer Award (for outstanding essay-length work of the year) – David M.
Higgins: “Toward a Cosmopolitan Science Fiction” American Literature 83.2 (June 2011)

~Honorable Mention: Everett Hamner – “The Predisposed Agency of Genomic Fiction” American Literature 83.2 (June 2011)

~Honorable Mention: Heather Latimer – “Reproductive Technologies, Fetal
Icons, and Genetic Freaks: Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl and the Limits of Possibilities of Donna Haraway’s Cyborg.” Modern Fiction Studies 57.2 (Summer 2011)

*Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service – Art Evans

*Mary Kay Bray Award (for the best essay, interview, or extended review in the past year’s SFRA Review) – T. S. Miller: “Review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

~Honorable Mention: Lars Schmeink – “Video Games Studies 101”

*Student Essay Award (for best student paper presented at the previous year’s SFRA conference) – Florian Bast: “Fantastic Voices: Octavia Butler’s First-Person Narrators and ‘The Evening and the Morning and the Night'”

The awards will be given to the recipients at the SFRA’s annual conference in Detroit, MI. (