Science Fiction Awards Watch

By Tanya Tynjala

Organized by  “Cultura Hache” (Web page (, this new award was created to encourage and to promote the fantastic genre (fantasy, horror, sci-fi) . The award is only open to professionally published books in the Spanish language (not self published ones), for works that were published between January 1st and December 31 of the previous year.

TThe award is presented in two categories: books of short stories (collections) and short novels (25.000 to 40.000 words)

For the 2011 Award the finalists are:

Short stories (collections):

El monstruo en mí (The monster inside me), Ignacio Becerril Polo (Publisher: Saco de Huesos)

Abismos (Abyss), de David Jasso (Publisher: Grupo Ajec)

Largas noches de lluvia (Long raining nights), Marc R. Soto (Publisher: Viaje a Bizancio):

And for short novel:

Hamelín, Ángel Luis Sucasas (Publisher: 23 Escalones)

Cazador de striges (Striges’ hunters) , Soizik Stiwell -pseudonym- (Publisher: 23 Escalones)

La textura de tu piel (The texture of your skin), David Jasso (Included in the book: Abismos, Publisher: Grupo Ajec)

The winners will be announced soon

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    This is wondeful science fiction in spanish needs all the support 🙂