Science Fiction Awards Watch

Mike Kennedy sent along a note to inform us all that there were multiple awards handed out at the recently concluded DeepSouthCon (long-running bastion of Southern Fried Fandom)

DSC 50 specific awards:

The convention held a Short Story writing contest.  This was specific to DSC 50, not an ongoing activity of DSCs in general.  The winner was Scott Hancock for “The Comet Five.”  The winning story is online here.

Not sponsored by DSC, but presented at DSC 50, were the Logan White­hurst Memo­rial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music.

The winners (per the award’s official site are:
Out­standing Comedy Music Video: The Muppet Show Theme Song — OK Go and the Muppets
Out­standing Original Comedy Song: It’s Not Just For Gays Any­more — Neil Patrick Harris
Out­standing Parody Song: Snoopy The Dogg — the great Luke Ski


Phoenix Award: John Ringo

Rebel Award: Shelby Vick  (Planetary Stories)
Rebel Award: Bill, Linda, Robert, and Becky Zielke

SFAW is currently awaiting additional information to confirm the winner of the Rubble Award