Science Fiction Awards Watch

Via Concatenation’s Autumnal report we learn that:

Germany’s Kurd Lasswitz Award was presented at the Urlaubs-Con Und Meer (2012) in July and the principal winners were:

Best Novel: Herr aller Dinge [Master of all Things] by Andreas Eschbach
Best Foreign Work: Biokrieg [Biokrieg] by Paolo Bacigalupi
Best Translation: Jasper Nicolaisen and Jakob Schmidt, for the translation of David Marusek’s Wir Waren außer Uns vor Glück

We also learned that Kurd Lasswitz, for whom the award is named, is considered to be Germany’s H. G. Wells

Also in Germany the SF Club Germany presented their annual Deutschland SF Preis to:

Novel: Galdäa – Der ungeschlagene Krieg [Galdäa – The Unbeaten War] by Karsten Kruschel
Short Story: ‘In der Freihandelszone’ [‘The Free Trade Area’] by Heidrun Jänchen

In New Zealand, the Sir Julius Vogel Award was given out at the NZ National Convention:

Best Novel: Samiha’s Song by Mary Victoria
Best Juvenile Novel: Battle of the Birds by Lee Murray
Best Novella / Novellete: Steam Girl by Dylan Horrocks
Best Short Story: ‘Frankie And The Netball Clone’ by Alicia Ponder
Best Collected Work: Tales For Canterbury edited by edited by Cassie Hart and Anna Caro
Best Artwork: Oracle’s Fire cover by Frank Victoria
Best Dramatic Presentation: The Almighty Johnsons
Best Fanzine: Phoenixine
Best Fan Writing: Simon Litten for Phoenixine articles
Best Fan Artwork: Nick Kim for Phoenixine cover art
Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Philip Mann
Special Award – New Talent: K. D. Berry
Services to Fandom: Jacqui and Keith Smith and Ripley Patton

Wile a number of awards were presented in Russia –

The Aelita Award was presented at the 19th Aelita convention in Yekaterinburg, Urals in central Russia.

Aelita Award: Paul Amnuel
Debut Award: Vitaly Aboyan for War Tree
Yefremov Prize (SF Promotion): Andrei Sinitsyn
Prize. B. Bugrova (Contribution to Speculative Fiction): Sergei Chekmaev
Eurasia Award: Vladimir Molotov for Ural Attacks
SF Grand Master: Michael Swanick
Memorial Prize: Vladislav Krapivin

The Bronze Snail Award, selected by Russian Grandmaster Boris Strugatsky, and presented at Interpresscon went to:

Novel: Zakhar Prilepin for Black Monkey
Novella: Andrew Izmailov for ‘Game Box’
Short Story: Not awarded
Non-Fiction SF: Sergei Pereslegin for Occam’s Razor

Also at Interpresscon, the Interpresscon 19 Awards (voted by the convention membership):

Novel: Julia Zonis for Inquisitor and the Nymph
Debut Novel: Anna Semirol & Oleg Semirol for Half-step to the Sky
Non-Fiction SF/SF Journalism: Vladimir Larionov, Alexander Etoeva for ‘Book of Prashkevich or From the Exquisite to the White Giraffe Mammoth

and the annual Roskon Convention presented their awards to:

Best Novel: Urbi et Orbi, or the City and the World by Henry Lion Oldie
Best Novelette: Androids Shame No Shame by Yevgeny Lukin
Big Roskon Award – Lifetime Achievement: Sergei Abramov

While in the Ukraine the SF Portal Awards were presented at the Portal SF Convention near Kiev:

Long Form: Living by Anna Starobinets
Intermediate Form: Folklore of the Inhabitants of Sector M1 by Lenore Goralik
Short Form: ‘Under the Bridge’ by Dmitry Kolodan
Non-Fiction: “Gold Dust: The Fantastic in the English Novel – the last third of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by Vladimir Gopman
Best Non-Fiction Article: ‘At the End of the Word: Fiction as a stylistic experiment’ by Maria Galina
Vladimir Savchenko Award: (Ed. Something we cannot easily translate) by Bakalets Yaroslav & Yaroslav Yarish
Best Translated Book: Anathem by Neal Stephenson

While a little closer to home (depending upon where home is), the UK’s Eagle Awards for comics were handed out at the ExCel Centre:

Roll of Honour: Frank Quitely
Debut Writer: Jeff Lemire
Debut Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Favourite Writer: Scott Snyder
Favourite Writer/Artist: Frank Miller
Favourite Artist: Pencils: J.H. Williams III
Favourite Artist: Inks: Scott Williams
Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork: Alex Ross
Favourite British Comic– Colour: Doctor Who Magazine
Favourite European Comic : Dylan Dog
Favourite Web-based Comic : Freakangels