Science Fiction Awards Watch

The 2012 Grand Prize for Imagination goes to:

French NovelRêves de Gloire [Dreams of Glory] by Rolanc C. Wagner
Foreign NovelThe City & the City by China Miéville
French Short Story: ‘Boire la Tasse’ [Drinking Cup] by Christophe Langlois
Foreign Short Story: ‘Ainsi Naissent les Fantômes’ [‘Born as Ghosts ‘] by Lisa Tuttle (we think that this might be the English publication Ghosts and Other Lovers)
French Juvenile NovelLa Route des Magiciens [The Road of Magicians] by Frédéric Petitjean
Foreign Juvenile NovelDelirium & Le Dernier Jour de ma Vie [Delirium and the Last Day of my Life] by Lauren Oliver

Thanks to SF Concatenation for the info.