Science Fiction Awards Watch

Returning From Hiatus

My deepest apologies to the community for having neglected SF Awards Watch for so long.

No excuses, just apologies.

When I took over the site it was a relatively minor task that required little effort and I was happy to devote that effort to what I considered a worthwhile endeavor. (Which it still is).

Then I began working in earnest on the start-up of Amazing Stories and found that the extra bits of time SF Awards required just weren’t there anymore.  I kept on hoping to get back to it, update it and fit it into my regular stream of activities, but that just never seemed to happen.

I’ve swallowed the enormous amount of work required to get Amazing up and running and, while it remains very time consuming, I have managed to fit most everything into a routine and have acquired a tremendous amount of help for that site as well.  Thus freeing me up to issue mea culpas and get back to the work of regularly updating this site.

Over the next few days I will be adding posting of award news that should have appeared here over the course of the past several months.  I plan to assign their originating date so that the chronological nature of the site is maintained.

And I will of course be adding new award announcements and results as they come in.

If you are in possession of award news that doesn’t appear here, please feel free to send it in.