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Editors Wiki

As we announced a while back, the Science Fiction Editors wiki is moving. The wiki was created by John Klima in the wake of the split in the Best Editor Hugo because it was felt that Hugo voters didn’t have enough access to information about who editors are and what they do. John, having done great work getting things started, has now handed the reins over to Anne KG Murphy, and the wiki is going to be hosted on the same servers as this site. Which is a round-about way of saying that SF Awards Watch has a new sister site. You can find it at

Because this site is a wiki it is dependent on community input, especially input from actual editors (because no one knows what you are doing better than you do). We’ve already had some great help from people in fandom, but we’d love to have more.

Which is all that we (Cheryl and Kevin) are going to say right now, but please pop over to the wiki where Anne can tell you more about it.