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Prix Boréal

With Worldcon in Montreal next year, we (generally) should all be paying a bit of attention to Les Prix Boréal, the Francophone Canadian SF awards; and we (SFAW) need to get around to doing a page about them. In the meantime, here is this year’s list of nominees, and here is Christian Sauvé with a subject-to-confirmation list of the winners. Merci Christian!

(And for those of you not up on your French, a “nouvelle” is a short story and a “roman” is a novel.)

2 Responses to “Prix Boréal”

  1. on 12 May 2008 at 7:54 pmChristian Sauve

    Thanks for noticing our awards!

    Besides the Prix Boréal, the other major French-Canadian award is the Prix Jacques Brossard (formerly the “Grand Prix de la Science Fiction et du Fantastique Québécois”), which is a juried award that usually comes with a sizeable cash award.

    The latest Jacques Brossard was awarded on May 10 to Joël Champetier for his fantasy novel Le Voleur des steppes. Sponsored by web design firm Bleu Outremer, the 2008 award came along with a $2500 check.

    “Passeports pour l’imaginaire”, the non-profit organisation which administers the Jacques Brossard, is also manages the “Prix jeunesse des univers parallèles”, an award that polls hundreds of Quebec junior high school students for their favourite Children/YA novel of the year. The latest winner was Michèle Gavazzi, who also received a $2000 check.

  2. on 13 May 2008 at 3:48 amCheryl

    Delighted to help, and thanks for the extra info. Formal pages for these awards will be forthcoming when life is a little less frantic.