Science Fiction Awards Watch

Larry at OF Blog of the Fallen has all of the details of this year’s Premio Ignotus Awards.

As most of our readers are English-speaking, here is the translated novel category:

  • 253, Geoff Ryman (Grupo AJEC)
  • China Mountain Zhang, Mauren F. McHugh (Omicron)
  • The Road, Cormac McCarthy (Mondadori)
  • The Children of Húrin, JRR Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien (Minotauro)
  • Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart (Bibliópolis)

There’s a translated short fiction category too, but Cheryl is too tired to translate the titles. The nominees are Terry Bisson (2), Vernor Vinge, Rhys Hughes and Susanna Clarke.

One Response to “2008 Premio Ignotus Award Nominees”

  1. on 29 Jul 2008 at 9:32 pmLarry

    I didn’t translate the titles then because I was uncertain if the wording would be exact on a couple of the titles, but I since have checked and here are titles for the Translated Short Story category:

    Terry Bisson, “Bears Discovered Fire”

    Vernor Vinge, “The Cookie Monster”

    Rhys Hughes, “Finding the Book of Sand”

    Terry Bisson, “Macs”

    Susanna Clarke, “Tom Brightwind or How the Fairy Bridge was Built at Thoresby”