Science Fiction Awards Watch

Ditmar Awards

Presented by

Australian science fiction fans


Open nominations to produce nominees, followed by a preferential ballot open only to members of the Australian National Science Fiction Convention (Natcon).


Nominees must be Australian citizens or permanent residents in the year of eligibility. Publication may be anywhere in the world.

Fan award categories stipulate that no payment must have been received for the work.


  • Novel (>40,000 words)
  • Novella or Novelette (7,500 – 40,000 words)
  • Short Story (< 7,500 words)
  • Collected Work
  • Artwork
  • Fan Writer
  • Fan Artist
  • Fan Production
  • Fanzine
  • New Talent

The Collection category is interesting in that it is open to magazines and webzines as well as collections and anthologies.

Special awards for outstanding achievement may also be given.

The William Atheling Jr Award for science fiction criticism is voted on and awarded alongside the Ditmars but is not considered a Ditmar itself.

Winner receives

A trophy

Submissions method

None. You need to make sure your work is well known to Australian fandom.

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