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Canadian science fiction fans


The Auroras appear to be modeled closely on the Hugos, with the administering convention being the Canadian National Science Fiction Convention. There are nomination and final ballot stages. Nomination appears to be open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents, but the final ballot is presumably limited to convention members.


The awards are stated to be for Canadian science fiction and fantasy, so presumably you have to be Canadian to be nominated.

The Auroras have separate categories for works in English and French.


  • Best Long-Form Work in English
  • Meilleur livre en francais
  • Best Short-Form Work in English
  • Meilleure nouvelle en francais
  • Best Work in English (Other)
  • Meilleur ouvrage en francais (autre)
  • Artistic Achievement — Accomplissement artistique
  • Fan Achievement (Publication) — Accomplissement fanique (publication)
  • Fan Achievement (Organizational) — Accomplissement fanique (Organisation)
  • Fan Achievement (Other) – Accomplissement fanique (autre)

Winner receives


Submissions method

None. You have to make your work known to Canadian fans.


Name Active
Novel Yes
French Novel Yes
Short Fiction Yes
French Short Fiction Yes
Other Work Yes
French Other Work Yes
Artist Yes

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