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Quill Book Awards

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The Quills Literary Foundation, sponsored by Reed Business Information (owners of Publishers Weekly)


In a reversal of the more usual process, the nominees are chosen by a panel of experts but the winners are chosen by much wider group of 6,000 people made up of booksellers, librarians, etc. A “Book of the Year” award voted on by the general public through a web site is also given. (Consumer voting used to be for all categories, but the Quills appear to have given up on this.)


The Quills are open to books in English and published in North America, which will include Canada and might include countries in the Caribbean. To be considered as nominees books must have:

  • Received a starred review in Publishers Weekly; or
  • Achieved a position on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller List; or
  • Been Specially Selected by the Nominations Committee

The eligibility period is offset from that of most awards, being mid-year to mid-year (the exact dates have varied).


The Quills have a wide range of categories. Only the following are likely to produce winners of interest here:

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
  • Graphic Novel
  • Young Adult/Teen
  • Children’s Chapter Book/Middle Grade

Aside for the SF/F/H category, these can also produce non-genre (or different genre) winners, but the nominees have always included at least one, sometimes several SF&F works.

Winner receives

A trophy, and the chance to appear in the glitzy, televised award ceremony.

Submissions method

If you are not in Publishers Weekly or a best seller then you probably have no chance. But then if you are not in Publishers Weekly…

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