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Japanese science fiction fans. “Seiun” is Japanese for “nebula”, but the awards are more similar in nature to the Hugos than to the Nebulas.




Most of the awards are for work in Japanese. There are, however, two categories for translated works, and they are very well known due to being announced each year at the Hugo ceremony. In the absence of help from someone who speaks Japanese we shall concentrate primarily on those two. If you can help with this, please let us know.


  • Japanese Novel
  • Japanese Short Fiction
  • Translated Novel
  • Translated Short Fiction
  • Dramatic Presentation
  • Comic/Graphic Novel
  • Artist
  • Non-Fiction
  • SF-Related Activity
  • Special Prize

We understand that the special prize is a type of lifetime achievement award. It is not voted upon, and not awarded every year, but rather given when Japanese fandom believes that someone deserves it.

Japanese fandom (though perhaps a different part of it) also runs the Ankoku-Seiun awards (which can be translated as “dark nebulas” or “anti-seiuns”). These are humorous awards voted on by members of the Japanese national SF convention. The award web site (in Japanese) is here.

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Data Sources

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Name Active
Japanese Novel Yes
Japanese Short Fiction Yes
Translated Novel Yes
Translated Short Fiction Yes
Dramatic Presentation Yes
Comic/Graphic Novel Yes
Artist Yes
Non-Fiction Yes
SF-Related Activity Yes

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