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Gaylactic Spectrum Awards

Presented by

The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation


Recommendations may be made by anyone. A panel of judges produces short lists and then votes on the winners. The full rules are online here. The judges are kept anonymous for personal safety reasons (we assume because of their sexuality, not because of who they gave awards to).


The awards are for, “outstanding works in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres dealing with issues, themes and characters of special relevance to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community.”

Works must have been first published in North America in English.


  • Novel
  • Short Fiction
  • Other Work
  • Hall of Fame

Winner receives

A trophy: “an etched image on lucite on a stand, using a spiral galaxy in a triangle logo”. Winners of the two fiction categories also get a small cash prize.

Submissions method

See the award rules for how to submit a nomination to the judges.

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