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Spectrum Awards (Art)

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Selection by a jury appointed by the Spectrum Directors and Advisory Board.


Unclear. Possibly anyone who enters, but there may be rules about the year in which the work was created. The awards are specifically for “fantastic” art, so some SF/F/H connection is required.


  • Grand Master
  • Advertising
  • Book
  • Comics
  • Concept Art
  • Dimensional
  • Editorial
  • Institutional
  • Unpublished

Winner receives

Probably a trophy. All categories except Grand Master list a Gold Award winner and Silver Award winner.

The jury establishes a long list, all of whom are included in an annual anthology (these books are regular nominees in the Related Book category of the Hugos regular winners of the Art Book category of the Locus Awards).

Submissions method

Spectrum publishes an entry form which entrants are required to use. There is an entry fee which helps support the cost of running the awards.

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