Science Fiction Awards Watch

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The Helsinki Science Fiction Society


A jury appointed by the HSFS. The juries may be separate for the two awards.


The Tähtivaeltaja Award is for works of science fiction. Both translations into Finnish and original works are eligible.

The Tähtifantasia Award is for translated fantasy works only (this is to avoid overlap with an existing award, Kuvastaja, which is presented (although not by HSFS) to original Finnish fantasy works).

Both awards are for “books” (or rather for a Finnish word that translates as “books”) so anthologies, collections and single-book short fiction works are all eligible. Comics, graphic novels and non-fiction are not eligible.


  • Science Fiction Book (Tähtivaeltaja Award)
  • Fantasy Book (Tähtifantasia Award)

Winner receives


Submissions method

None – the jury undertakes to find and read all eligible work.


Name Active
SF Work Yes
Fantasy Work Yes

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