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ESFS Awards

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The European Science Fiction Society


The Awards are separated into groups. The rules are different for each group.

Hall of Fame Awards – These are nominated and voted upon by National Delegates (each member nation of ESFS may appoint up to three National Delegates).

Spirit of Dedication Awards – These are voted upon by all members of the current year’s Eurocon.

Encouragement Awards – National Delegates of each country may nominate one person from their country to receive these award.

Honorary Awards – These are decided by the organizing committee of the current year’s Eurocon.


In the Hall of Fame awards, National Delegates may nominate persons/works from countries other than their own, but in such cases the country from which the person/work comes may veto the nomination.

No person may win a Hall of Fame award more than once.


Hall of Fame Awards

  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Artist
  • Promoter of Science Fiction
  • Magazine
  • Translator

Spirit of Dedication Awards

  • Author of a static work (book, art, etc.)
  • Author of a dramatic work (movie, TV, theater, etc.)
  • Fanzine

Winner receives

The design of trophies is left up to the current year’s Eurocon.

Submissions method

See above. For more details see the ESFS Statutes.

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