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Nebula Awards

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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America


The Nebulas have two voting stages:

  • Nomination: SFWA members may nominate up to works in each category, resulting in a short list of six nominees; and
  • The Final Ballot, which uses a first past the post voting system.

Not all SFWA members are eligible to participate, depending on their status within the organization. Members with a financial interest in work are not allowed to vote for it.


Eligibility is on a calendar year basis.

The Nebulas have an Nebula Awards Commissioner and an Awards Rules Committee who are empowered to make rulings on questions of eligibility.

Eligibility is based on publication in the USA only, but the author can be of any nationality.

Authors do not have to be members of SFWA for their work to be eligible.


  • Novel (> 40,000 words)
  • Novella (17,500 – 40,000 words)
  • Novelette (7,500 – 17,500 words)
  • Short Story (< 7,500 words)

The word limits for the various fiction categories are identical to those for the Hugos and Locus Awards.

The script category was dropped from 2010. This has been replaced by the Ray Bradbury Award, which is for dramatic presentations.

The Andre Norton Award, which is for YA fiction, and the Bradbury, are voted on alongside the Nebulas, using mostly the same rules, but these awards are not Nebulas.

Winner receives

A trophy.

Submissions method

None. You need to make sure that your work is known to SFWA members. Being a member of SFWA yourself helps.

Data Sources

  • Nebula Rules Update: Jan 24, 2009


Name Active
Novel Yes
Novella Yes
Novelette Yes
Short Story Yes
Script Yes

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