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Nomination by any Canadian. Final ballot by any Canadian plus any non-Canadians who attend the current or previous year’s Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek) convention. Both nomination and final ballot stages use first past the post voting.


Nominees do not need to be Canadian except in the Canadian Contribution category. However, all performances must be nominated for a particular work, and all works must have been first released or screened in Canada during the year of eligibility. There are special rules about Internet releases having to be official, so something pirated through a bit torrent site would not count.

Nominated works do not have to be in English. Quebec television has at least one French language channel.

The awards distinguish between TV series and movies, but the movie category also includes direct-to-TV movie releases and mini-series. We’ve called it “long form”, but unlike the Hugo it does not include stage plays, operas and the like.

The Canadian Contribution award can go to any eligible work that has significant Canadian involvement in its production.


  • Male Performance (TV series)
  • Female Performance (TV series)
  • TV Series
  • Male Performance (long form)
  • Female Performance (form)
  • Work (long form)
  • Technical Accomplishment
  • Script
  • Canadian Contribution

The Awards use the Internet Movie Database classification system to decide which category a work falls into.

Winner receives

A trophy designed by Craig Norris.

Submissions method

The awards committee puts together a list of eligible works on the award web site. You do not have to ask be included, but if you think your work is eligible and you are not listed it probably won’t hurt to write to them.

Data Sources

  • Award Administration: Aug 25, 2007
  • Award web site: Aug 23, 2007

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