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For two best fiction categories, fans who sign up on the official website can nominate 5 stories in each category. The top 8 in long form and top 12 in short form are automatically preliminary nominees. Two additional nominations can be made by the Judge Panel. Therefore there will be 10 preliminary nominees for long form and 14 preliminary nominees for short form.

Based on these ballots, the Judge Panel will determine the final nominees (5 in each category). Fans are welcome to vote again. The voting results combined with results of Judge Panel’s results determine the winners. The weighting is 50:50 between the fans and Judge Panel.

For the translated fiction category, fans can nominate 5 stories. The top 5 are final nominees. And in the second round, fans can vote on them. The voting result determines the winner. There are no judges involved. That is why the category is called Most Popular rather than Best.

For the special contribution category, the organizing committee will nominate 5 nominees. Fans can vote on them. Again, no judge is involved.


Science fiction and fantasy stories published in print media (with valid ISBN or ISSN) and recognized electronic media in Mainland China in the previous calender year are eligible. Electronic media is recognized by the organizing committee on a case-by-case basis. For an electronic magazine to be recognized it has to release at least four issues in the previous calendar year.


  • Best Fiction – Long Form: awarded for a science fiction and fantasy story of fifty thousand (50,000) Chinese characters or more.
  • Best Fiction – Short Form: awarded for a science fiction and fantasy story of less than fifty thousand (50,000) Chinese characters.
  • Most Popular Translated Fiction: awarded for a science fiction and fantasy story in other language first translated into Chinese.
  • Special Contribution Award: awarded for a entity, whether it is a person, group or a story, a movie, which has made special contribution to science fiction and fantasy field in China.

Winner receives

A trophy

Submissions method

None required – open nomination by fans.

Data Sources

  • Award webmaster: April 20, 2010

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