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WSFA Small Press Award

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The Washington Science Fiction Association


Nomination is by writers and publishers, and by WSFA members.

Small press publishers and periodicals may nominate up to three (3) stories, published by themselves or others. A writer may nominate one (1) story, published by herself/himself or others. A WSFA member may nominate one (1) story.

A committee of 5 WSFA members picks the short list, which will be between 5 and 10 stories.

The final ballot is by WSFA members. Stories in the final ballot are posted online without the author’s name, so judging is in theory blind, although as the entries have all been published some voters may be aware of who the authors are.


Original short fiction works (20,000 words or fewer) of imaginative literature (e.g., science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction or like literature) published by a small press.

Books: Stories published in a book by a small press. A small press is defined as a hard copy print or web publication house releasing from 3 to 25 titles in the year that the story is published.

Periodicals: Stories published in a periodical by a small press. Eligible paper periodicals are those with a circulation of fewer than 10,000 in the year that the story is published. Eligible web periodicals are those with fewer than 10,000 subscriptions in the year that the story is published. Periodicals must have an editorial staff and must pay all authors at least one cent ($0.01) per word.

Any story published in a periodical owned by a major publishing house or media producer is not eligible for this award. Stories written by WSFA members, published by WSFA Press, or published by WSFA members are not eligible for this award.


  • Short Fiction

Winner receives

A trophy (one each for the author and publisher).

Submissions method

Nominated stories MUST be submitted in electronic form, in any of the common formats (e.g., doc, rtf, pdf). Nominations should be sent to Indicate date of publication and publisher, and any other relevant information (e.g., url), in the accompanying email. The accompanying email should indicate the name of the person or entity that holds the copyright to the story and permission from that person or entity to circulate the story within WSFA for the purposes of judging. The story WILL NOT be circulated beyond WSFA and will be housed on a secure, password-protected website.

Data Sources

  • Award web site: 11 Oct, 2007

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