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Locus magazine


A single round of voting open to anyone via the Locus web site.

Voters may rank up to five candidates in each category. Votes are tabulated according to the ‘Carr’ system, awarding a first-place vote 8 points, second-place vote 7 points, etc. The leader in each category is declared the winner.

A list of “nominees” in each category is published, but these are simply the top five candidates in each category. The winners are known to the administrators when the nominee lists are published.


Works published in the prior calendar year, based on actual publication, not official publication date. Locus magazine reserves the right to decide which (if any) category a work is eligible in.


  • Science Fiction Novel
  • Fantasy Novel
  • First Novel
  • YA Book
  • Novella
  • Novelette
  • Short Story
  • Anthology
  • Collection
  • Non-Fiction
  • Art Book
  • Magazine
  • Editor
  • Artist
  • Publisher

The word lengths for the written fiction categories are the same as for the Hugo Awards.

Winner receives

A plaque and/or certificate, the designs of which vary from year to year.

Submissions method



Name Active
SF Novel Yes
Fantasy Novel Yes
First Novel Yes
YA Book Yes
Novella Yes
Novelette Yes
Short Story Yes
Anthology Yes
Collection Yes
Non-Fiction Yes
Art Book Yes
Magazine Yes
Editor Yes
Artist Yes
Publisher Yes

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