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Arthur C. Clarke Award

Presented by

Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

As Sir Arthur lives in Sri Lanka the award is administered on his behalf by the UK-based Serendip Foundation.


An expert jury is appointed by the award administrators. They choose the short list and then decide upon the winner.


Science fiction novels published in the UK during the previous calendar year. The award is serious about being only for science fiction, not fantasy or any other flavor of speculative fiction. The judges get to decide what “science fiction” means. Although the Clarke is a British award, it is the place of publication that determines eligibility, not the nationality or residency of the author.


Science fiction novel

Winner receives

A trophy in the shape of a pile of books and a cash prize. The prize was originally £1000, but in 2001 Sir Arthur decided to match the value of the prize to the year. The prize has increased by £1 each year ever since.

The Clarke has the largest monetary prize of any science fiction award in the world.

Submissions method

Books need to be submitted to the jury.


Name Active
Novel Yes

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  1. on 10 Aug 2012 at 1:20 amPatrick Knight

    Does the book submission need to be in print version or can eBook publication work too?

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