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Awards Gallery

Displayed below is a gallery of the various awards covered on the site. These images are provided here to provide visitors with a visual representation of the numerous awards presented by various organizations for excellence in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Some are quite elaborate, others very simply. Together, they represent a vast array of the appreciation bestowed upon worthy practitioners.

Science Fiction Awards Watch would very much like to make this a (complete) gallery of official photos of the various awards. Time and circumstances have mitigated against that desire, but it still remains. If you would like to provide a copy of such an image, please send it here so we can add it.

RIGHTS NOTICE: The images found below were cribbed from various locations on the web and done so under the educational fair use provisions of copyright law which seem to apply to this usage. If copyright owners object to the continued use of their materials here, please send a request to have it removed. Such requests will be honored as quickly as possible.

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