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Until recently Paul Harland Prijs has always been organized by individuals (this is the 35th edition). For the 2011 and 2012 editions that individual is: Martijn Lindeboom, writer, organizer, performer, Taekwon-Do teacher and lawyer. For the coming edition and on, there is the ambition to start a foundation that not only encompasses the PHP, but can also work as a means to make genre fiction more popular and accepted in the Netherlands and Belgium.


All the stories that are sent in (111 in 2011) are first read and graded by a preselection committee (usually three people with genre expertise). The top 20 to 30 stories are then sent on to the final jury (usually five of more people with genre expertise). They each grade the stories. The organizer then adds up all the results. The story with the most points wins.


Stories in the genres sciencefiction, fantasy and horror of 10.000 words maximum, written in the Dutch language are eligible for the award. The stories are graded anonymously, so they may not have been previously published.


Short stories of up to 10.000 words. Although there are a few extra awards, like:

* the W.J. Maryson Talent Award (for the author showing the most potential)

* the NCSF premium (for the best science fiction story in the batch)

* the Newcomers award (for the highest ranking first time participant)

Winner receives

The Paul Harland Prize entails a money prize of 750 euro’s and an award (different each year).

The W.J. Maryson Talent Award entails a money prize of 500 euro’s and redaction by a publisher from Meulenhoff/Boekerij (one of the biggest publishers of genre fiction in the Netherlands).

The NCSF premium entails a moneyprize of 150 euro’s. The Newcomers award is different each year.

Submissions method

The stories can be entered by sending them on time (the 2012 deadline is in july) to the email address of the organizer. More details on the website: (Dutch only).

Presentation of the award

The awards are presented during the awards ceremony during the Paul Harland Day. The day consists of the presentation, workshops, panels and the so called Meet and Mix, where authors, jury members, publishers, enthusiasts, representatives of other writing competitions and magazines mix and meet.

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