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Philip K. Dick Award

The Philip K. Dick Award was conceived by Thomas M. Disch to honor the memory of Philip K. Dick by rewarding the best paperback original SF book of the year (since so much of Philip K. Dick’s work was published in that format). The award’s original administrators were Charles N. Brown, David G. Hartwell, and Paul S. Williams. The award is now supported by the Philip K. Dick Trust.

Presented by

The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. The award ceremony is sponsored by Norwescon and the Northwest Science Fiction Society.


A five-person jury appointed by the award administrators and PSFS. The current administrators are David Hartwell and Gordon Van Gelder. The judges change each year.


The award is given to “a distinguished original science fiction paperback published for the first time during the award year in the U.S.A.”. Note that this can include anthologies and collections, but paperback versions of books first published in hardback are not eligible.



Winner receives

A cash prize.

Submissions method

Publishers of eligible books should submit copies to each of the five judges, as indicated each year on the award’s web site.

Data Sources

  • Award web site: Aug 22, 2007
  • Award Administration: Aug 30, 2007


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