Science Fiction Awards Watch

Darrell Awards

Presented by

The Mid-South Science Fiction & Fantasy Association (MSSFFA).


Works may be nominated by anyone. The winners are chosen by a jury.


The awards are open to prose science fiction, fantasy and horror. Poetry and “religious fiction” are explicitly excluded. Short fiction, graphic novels, movie and TV scripts, games (if they have a story element) and children’s fiction are explicitly included.

To be eligible the work must be authored by someone living in the “MidSouth” (also described as “Greater Memphis”) or the work must prominently feature that geographic area in some way. A precise definition of the geographic area is given on the qualifications page.


  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Short Story
  • Other Media
  • Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame

Winner receives

All finalists receive a free one-day pass to Midsouthcon, a free ticket for the Saturday night banquet, and priority consideration for program panels, readings, etc. The winners also receive a plaque. An anthology featuring past winners is being prepared.

Submissions method

None. Anyone can nominate any work provided that it meets the eligibility criteria.

However, the award administrators do note that providing copies for jurors is expensive and that 2 or 3 copies of a printed work, or an unrestricted electronic copy, would be much appreciated.

Data Sources

  • Award web site: Jan 12, 2008

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