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Each DeepSouthCon (DSC) is administered separately and sets its own method of selecting award winners.

Often, but not always, previous winners of a given award are polled for nominations for that award.

Often, but not always, core committee members of the awarding convention are polled for nominations for both awards.

Often, but not always, final selection is by core committee members of the awarding convention.

By firm tradition, the winner(s) are kept as secret as possible until the award is announced and presented at the awarding DSC.

This is often, but not always, assisted by the final vote tally (or sometimes direct selection) being confined to an individual or small group within the convention committee.


The awards are for services to Southern fandom. Professionals can also win for producing works that reflect positively upon the South.

You do not have to be alive to win. However, both awards are considered to be lifetime achievement awards and, as such, can be won only once.

Winning one award does not preclude someone from winning the other at a later date.

The Rebel: The Rebel Award is given to one or more science fiction fans who have, at some point, resided in the south (as defined in DSC bylaws) or whose fannish activities have contributed to southern fandom in a positive way.

The Phoenix: The Phoenix Award is given to one or more science fiction or fantasy professionals who have, at some point, resided in the south; whose professional work reflects on the south in a positive way; or who have demonstrated friendship with Southern fandom through support of regional fan activities.

For both: Either award may be given posthumously. Each award is considered a lifetime achievement award, therefore no individual shall be given the same award a second time. However, a past winner of either award may also win the other award, as long as they meet the relevant criteria.


  • Phoenix Award (professionals)
  • Rebel Award (fans)

Winner receives

The physical form of the award is determined by the awarding convention. Often, but not always, the form is selected to represent something about the awarding convention, the host city, and/or the recipient(s).

Submissions method

None, excepting the possibility of recommendations by previous winners

Data Sources

  • SFC Bylaws: Jan 13, 2008
  • Email to SFAwardsWatch from Michael D. (Mike) Kennedy: “This is my take on the process and is based on years of experience in Southern Fandom including committee, staff, and volunteer positions on several DSCs. In particular, the METHOD section is guesswork — somewhat educated guesswork, but still guesswork.” – and “The full text of the bylaws can be found at <> — scroll about 1/4 of the way down the page or search for the phrase “These are the DSC Bylaws, as last amended (at the 10 April 2005 meeting):”.”

One Question to “Southern Fandom Confederation Awards”

  1. on 14 Jan 2008 at 12:45 pmMikeK

    You are quite correct in your surmise that the form of each award is up to the respective DeepSouthCon committees.

    For instance, when I ran the awards subcommittee for a DSC some years back, I chose to make a couple of large trophies/bookends — one for each award — using some exotic hardwood and some pieces of tile from the NASA Shuttle program. ((Sadly, I couldn’t get flown pieces but I did acquire a few bits produced for the program and later scrapped before being flown.)) The tiles were chosen to be representative of the city (Huntsville AL) in which the con took place.

    Some years later, when I received my own Rebel Award, it was in the form of a small glass statue (on a wooden base). The figure of the statue was chosen to represent the host convention (the Statue of Liberty for LibertyCon). Other DSCs have given commemorative items chosen with the specific recipient in mind rather than the host city or convention.

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