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Ursa Major Awards

Presented by

Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA), “a membership organization dedicated to promoting anthropomorphic literature and arts.”


Primarily popular vote of the membership.

There are three stages: a Recommendation List, which is used to compile the nominating ballot but is not binding on nominations; a nominations stage, and a final ballot. Recommendations are open to anyone. The nominating ballot and final ballot are open only to registered voters. Becoming a registered voter is free and can be done online, but is required in order to prevent people voting more than once. Unlike with Fan Funds, there is no requirement to prove that you are a fan.


Works must include a animal character given human attributes. (It is not sufficient to simply have an animal character that behaves like a normal animal.)

Works do not need to be explicitly science fiction or fantasy. However, the presence of an anthropomorphic character is explicitly fantastical.


  • Motion Picture
  • Dramatic Short Work or Series
  • Novel
  • Short Fiction
  • Other Literary Work
  • Comic Book
  • Comic Strip
  • Magazine
  • Published Illustration
  • Game
  • Website
  • Miscellany

The Miscellany category is used in the Recommendation Lists stage only and is not voted upon. It exists to draw attention to works that are noteworthy and may, if sufficient of a given type are noted, be worthy of a category of their own in future.

The “Fanzine” category was renamed “Magazine” in 2008 “by popular request”.

Winner receives

A framed, illustrated certificate.

Submissions method

None. The voters can nominate any work or person provided that they meet the eligibility criteria.

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