Science Fiction Awards Watch

Chesley Awards

Presented by

The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists


Nomination and final ballot stages, both open to ASFA members. The final stage uses a preferential ballot.


Unclear. Probably anything in the year of eligibility.


  • Best Cover Illustration – Hardback Book
  • Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book
  • Best Cover Illustration – Magazine
  • Best Interior Illustration
  • Best Color Work – Unpublished
  • Best Monochrome – Unpublished
  • Best Three Dimensional Art
  • Best Gaming Related Illustration
  • Best product Illustration
  • Award for Artistic Achievement
  • Best Art Director

Winner receives

A trophy (?)

Submissions method

None. You have to make your work known to ASFA members.


Name Active
Cover Illustration (hardback) Yes
Cover Illustration (paperback) Yes
Cover Illustration (magazine) Yes
Interior Illustration Yes
Color Work (unpublished) Yes
Monochrome work (unpublished) Yes
Three Dimensional Art Yes
Gaming Related Illustration Yes
Product Illustration Yes
Artistic Achievement Yes
Art Director Yes

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