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One of the common complaints about popular vote awards is that no one has the time to examine the entire field. It is therefore common to see people recommending works or people for nomination. Such recommendation lists naturally belong here. However, our site is not devoted to one particular award, so please pay attention to the sections at the top of each page that tell you which popular vote and open membership awards the type of work/person is eligible for.

The 2010 Publications link is slightly different. It takes you to a list of links to posts by various people listing work of theirs from 2010 that is eligible for awards.

Also different is the 2010 Recommendation Posts link. That’s a place for collecting recommendation posts that people make on their own blogs.

Eventually we hope to have software that will allow you to post suggestions directly to our list, but for now please just use the comment system. If you don’t feel that you can make a recommendation publicly, feel free to email us instead. You can also register your views by rating other people’s recommendations.

You can see our Recommendation Lists here:

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