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Juries. There are several, but it is not clear whether there is one per award or one per “category” (see below for the Scribes’ definition of category).


Works must be either “adapted” (“A licensed novelization based on an existing screenplay, whether its a feature film, episodic teleplay, computer game, script, or play”) or “original” (“A licensed, original novel using pre-existing characters or worlds from a movie, television series, computer game, play, or an existing series of novels”). Works that are not based on an existing franchise, series, etc. are not eligible.

Authors may submit only one work per category, and a work cannot be eligible in more than one category.

Judges may not submit works for awards that they are judging.

The awards are open to comics and graphic novels as well as traditional novels.


The Scribes use the term “category” to divide works into genres. They have three categories: speculative fiction (i.e. SF, fantasy and horror), general fiction (everything else) and YA. The general fiction category is not relevant here, but we have include YA as we expect it to often be won by works of speculative fiction. We are avoiding using the work “original” to refer to a book set in an pre-existing world as we can see all sorts of arguments over that.

  • Adapted work
  • Non-adapted work
  • YA work

Winner receives


Submissions method

Works may only be submitted by authors. There is a fee if the author is not a IAMTW member. For full submission rules see the award web site.

Data Sources

  • Award web site: Feb 29, 2008

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