Science Fiction Awards Watch

Aurealis Awards

Presented by

Fantastic Queensland and Chimaera Publications


Judges are appointed by the award administrators.

The categories are divided into seven divisions: science fiction, fantasy, horror, young adult, children’s, graphic novel and collection/anthology. Each division has a separate set of judges.


Works written in English by Australian citizens or permanent residents. The eligibility year starts in November. This is because the awards are announced very early in the year.

YA books are broadly defined as aimed at 12-16 year-olds and children’s books as aimed at 8-12 year-olds. However, these categories do not appear to be rigid.

We are unaware of any precise definition of the difference between the “novel” and “short story” categories, but we expect the boundary is different in the children’s division.


  • Science Fiction Short Story
  • Science Fiction Novel
  • Fantasy Short Story
  • Fantasy Novel
  • Horror Short Story
  • Horror Novel
  • Young Adult Short Story
  • Young Adult Novel
  • Children’s Short Fiction
  • Children’s Long Fiction
  • Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel (new from 2009)
  • Collection/Anthology (new from 2009)
  • Golden Aurealis Short Story (dropped from 2009
  • Golden Aurealis Novel (dropped from 2009)

Winner receives

A trophy (?)

Submissions method

Copies of works must be submitted to the judges. As of 2009 electronic submissions are no longer permitted.

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